Volkswagen Multivan 2.5 TDI: German multifruit. Ending

Volkswagen Multivan 2.5 TDI: German multifruit. Ending





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Pleasant innovation - the sliding window in the side door. Now there is no need to ask the driver to switch the ventilation mode is more intense: it became stuffy - open the window and get fresh air; It was chilly - can be a little glass cover or close completely. Through the fifth door opens access to three drawers under the rear sofa. One disadvantage: if the car is parked close to another car or to the rear fence, open the rear door is problematic - because it rises. To the rear doors have no complaints: they shifted easily and securely fixed in the end position. Here are just a force must be decent. And with regard to the weaker sex - simply remarkable. However, whether it is a woman's business - doors slam ...

Basic and additional equipment "te-fifth," we are told in the previous issue of the magazine. And not to be repeated, let's talk about the practicality of the car, which we spent more than one day. We begin, of course, with the interior.

Find a comfortable driving position "te-fifth" is simple: the designers made sure to feel good, and the little man, and the big man. A few simple manipulations adjusting devices - and feel at ease. View from the driver's seat perfect - even without outside help can be maneuvered on the tiny patch without fear that will come, experts say, the insured event. However, the "rear" is clearly not enough parking sensors: when the bill goes to centimeters, not everyone will want to tempt fate and blind "millimetrovat".

But here Multivan released from captivity close the showroom, and we hit the road. A nasty voice on-board computer with a small interval three times repeats the phrase «Bitte, tanken» ( «Please refuel"). And without prompting know that you need to go to the gas station - red light is on unblinking light, and we thank God, is not color-blind. Filler neck to the left, and therefore drive up to the column is very convenient. A couple of minutes - and the procedure is over. Now quickly - in the transport stream. Quickly fails. First, the dynamics of the weaker than expected, and secondly, on the calendar - Friday, and then on the roads cork.

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On the segment length in three quarters fall into the "green wave", and our 130-horsepower T5 is kept steadily in the flow of rushing cars. But let us not forget that we are going to something empty (driver + passenger), and what will be the maximum load is hard to say. About driving with 750-pound trailer without brakes, and even more so - with a trailer weight of 2,500 kg braked, reason is not necessary: ​​it is from the category of blitz questions for the experts. For the Russian motorists, in my opinion, more interesting turbodiesel engine of the same capacity with the dedication in 174 "horses" or gasoline V6 with 235 hp A six-speed manual transmission works flawlessly, but this car would look more logical six-step "automatic machine" with Tiptronic system. However, this case vkusa.Svoeobraznym consolation and compensation for the "weak" engine are flawless obedience helm and good maneuverability. However, the turning radius would be desirable to have a smaller, narrow streets with two-way movement of the single-sideband sometimes at the first attempt in a semicircle does not fit. Yes, and body roll in high-speed corners could be less. But good sound insulation: the working notes of the motor does not bother the driver and passengers. And when enabled car radio drive and all the fun.

Truly impressed with its versatility salon: it is possible to change not only the number of seats, but also turn it into a small bedroom. An ulterior motive in the list of optional equipment is even a bedroom set: thick curtains and bed mat. A sofa to relax is the triple rear seat, which can be easily transformed from a sitting to sleeping. A universal system of roller bearings and rails in the floor allow you to move two independent seats at your discretion. Both (as, by the way, driving and "navigator") rotating with lumbar support and folding armrests. Possibilities of transformation of interior so much that the designers did not even bother to count them. By and large, their list is limited only by user imagination.

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