Minivan Aurus Arsenal appeared on the "live" photos

Minivan Aurus Arsenal appeared on the "live" photos




Following the sedan, the new minivan project "Cortege" hit the lens users.


Designed efforts of experts FSUE us within the project "Unified Modular Platform", a minivan Aurus Arsenal for the first time appeared on the high-quality photos. The picture, which captures the minibus from the stern, published a resource Nomerogram. The photo was taken on the roads of the capital.


Portal "" already published image of a minivan, but they were taken from the live video channel "Russia 24", which is also lit sedan Aurus Senat. Recall that in the lineup will Aurus limo / sedan, minivan and crossover Komendant.

vapor-2 [1]

By the way, thanks to the "fresh" snapshot can be considered hinged doors provide access to the luggage compartment, although it was previously assumed that the door is one which opens upwards. The photo shows that the rear side glass and rear doors have a built-in "windows", intended probably for security needs, and in their production cars, probably will not.

Rear side doors have a sliding design. In the vehicle exterior finishes applied a plurality of chrome elements: grille, moldings, side steps, roof rails, and others.

Aurus Senat

Aurus Senat

Arsenal driven with similar sedan Senat powerplant. This V8 petrol engine volume of 4.4 liters capacity of 598 hp in combination with 9-speed automatic transmission, electric motor and all-wheel drive system.

Earlier portal "" reported that on a single modular platform a massive SUV, and the public premiere Aurus models will be developed will be held at the Moscow International Motor Show.

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