From little things: first encounter with Chery Tiggo 8

From little things: first encounter with Chery Tiggo 8




One of the key public prime Chery, Beijing has become a flagship crossover Tiggo 8, which was released in a new segment for the company's seven-seat the SUV, but at the same time brought a new technological chips, which are designed to give customers a new user experience. However, he did not get the new platform and the corresponding size of the motor - and since Tiggo 8 for us is quite tangible interest in all this is to understand.


We hurry leading Chinese brands in the product design has been discussed too late: if you look at the model range and the names of the leading designers, it becomes clear that to praise them for their lack of obvious secondary in the form of machines would be inappropriate. Tiggo 8 produces exactly the impression that you expect from a major Asian crossover - yes, it looks quite obviously Asian, in the sense that if we substitute here the Korean label, it does not cause any doubt as to its originality.

Chery Tiggo 8 front

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A pair of typical touches, a couple of proven techniques - and before the eyes appears calm, but harmonious vehicle. Hood "stuck" in the A-pillars sharp edges, two powerful chrome strip support headlights and LED fog lights and rear optics combined thick wall in the horizontal block. This characteristic touches. Deliberately powerful wheel arches, emphasized the explicit extension of the body of the third pillar, hinting at a third row of seats and a voluminous trunk and unpainted plastic lining around the lower perimeter - it's proven techniques. No "floating roof" and flirting with haute couture is better to close the door sills and seal them from the bottom - a future buyer will appreciate more. And because of these details, and folded his perception of the car.

The interior - also without revelation: the task of making a holistic, modern and no complaints had been made in full. It seemed to have done the points of the booklet "How to design the interior in 2018". That there is now a trend? Screen instead of bored with the instrument panel? Check mark. A large touchscreen multimediyki? Check mark. Sleek design of the front panel? Check mark. The electronic handbrake instead zhlygi sticking in the ribs? Check mark. Wireless charger? Um, we will reply to your inquiry soon ...

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4 /4

In all seriousness, about the overall impression of the interior and stay there to say almost nothing - and that, oddly enough, a compliment. The organization controls - logical, finishing materials - too. Volumes perverted by alien influences of chromium - it is currently Asia, the quality of the multimedia system of the screen and the speed of its response to the off state does not evaluate, and if we talk about the interesting little things here, we can note the duct, inscribed in the asymmetric unit of the notorious 9-inch touchscreen and button emergency gang on the front panel. A sort of "Quick Access Toolbar" as a smartphone.


Quick access is also manifested in functional, Chery declared for the multimedia system, which they called the Lion Cloud. Firstly, it is the owner of recognition option in the face and fingerprint, and secondly, offers a wide range of voice control options. You can ask the car include air conditioning, open panoramic roof or trunk - with the voice recognition system is highly perfected and can recognize 32 ... dialect of the Chinese language. While disappointed shake his head no reason - beyond the Chinese model does not appear in the near future, and if you want to develop a voice-control in other languages ​​Chinese still have time. But this possibility of infotainment systems are not limited to: here there is access to the Internet at 4G speeds, with the possibility of distribution of Internet on Wi-Fi, and remote control functionality of the car from a smartphone.


On the second row - a spacious, bright thanks to the panoramic roof ... just. Planting a comfortable, adequate supply to the legs, but it can be adjusted by sliding the second-row seat within the 260-millimeter range. Rate the third row is not possible: on the stand was put up five-seater version with two large hatches "underground" in the trunk.

The trunk is also continues the theme of simple functionality as the key to success: here is a volume of 900 liters up to the ceiling (892 to be precise), and almost two cubes with the second row folded, as close as you wish. Over his organization, of course, one would have thought more carefully, is not limited to, to add the shutter and make the inside wheel arch okvadrachennoy that, too, could be laid on top of her cargo. Here there is no backlight, no mesh - but the fifth door is equipped with a smart electric drive, which opens it during the foot under the rear bumper.

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Forming a general impression remains to answer the main question: what is a flagship crossover will offer a technical point of view? And here is a bit more complicated than in the case of the appearance and equipment.

Firstly, Tiggo 8 is built on the same platform T1X that existing Tiggo Tiggo 5 and 7, and has not received a new "truck» M3X, which lies at the heart of last year's concept Exeed TX. Yes, there is an independent suspension and rigid body with powerful longerons, which has successfully passed the crash tests with a frontal assault on the barrier with 40% overlap and a side impact, but the new platform promises even greater prospects. However, it obviously have reserved for future models - and given that it is designed to create a seven-seat crossover, in the next few years we should see another car of Chery, acting in this segment.

Chery Tiggo 8 back

The second thing that slightly disappointed at first glance - is the engine that in the present Tiggo 8 also refers to the "little things" category. There turned out to be under the hood of the same 1.5-liter turbocharged SQRE4T15B, which is also available in the arsenal of Tiggo 5 and 7. This row "Quartet" with chain-driven timing and variable valve timing on the inlet and outlet that meets the Euro-6 standards, and outputs 156 hp and 210 Nm of torque. Pretty well, if we are not talking about the seven-seat crossover with the mass of gravitating to two tons. However, the reasons for the use of this particular engine, as well as possible perspectives are quite clear, if you dig a little deeper.

Chery Tiggo 8 back

Speaking of engines, it is necessary to take into account the fact that China's tax rate when buying a car is tied to the volume of its engine. For cars with engines of 1.6 liters it is 10% of the cost, but the cars with engines less space taxed until last year, half the tax. In 2017 it was increased to 7.5%, but buying an expensive car with a 1.5-liter engine is considerably more favorable than with the 1.6-liter and so on. Presented by the Beijing Tiggo 8 - is a version specifically for the Chinese market, so Chery did their best to spur buying interest.

If we look at the list of available units of the company, it can be seen much more fresh, appropriate and interesting options: for example, F4J16 units of series F. It is characterized by the use of direct injection in combination with turbocharging at only 100 "cubes" greater volume already gives 190 hp and 285 Nm of torque. Such motor optimally fit into the concept of a large seven-seat crossover, and with it the car can and should be expected in foreign markets - including in Russia.

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The new, more powerful engine 1.6-liter F4J16

2 /2

The new, more powerful engine 1.6-liter F4J16

However, the potential use of this motor is another question: what will be the choice of transmissions for vehicles destined for foreign consumers. Chinese Tiggo 8 in addition to the six-speed mechanics is available with a modern robotized transmission with dual-clutch Getrag development, but it is able to absorb the torque to 250 Nm. This means either need to use a different transmission or limitation of maximum torque 1.6-liter engine to acceptable values ​​- we have already addressed the issue of the future transmission Chinese engineers and update the material as soon as it becomes known.

When and how much?

Well, finally left to figure out why we use everywhere promising the formulation of the vehicle of interest to us, and its market prospects. The fact that the Russian market, the question of the appearance of Tiggo 8 is almost solved: it has confirmed to us the spokesperson of Chery, adding that "the appearance of this model in Russia is very high." However, she stressed that the date of launching the model in Russia is not yet defined, but since the release of Tiggo 8 in China before his arrival we will take at least a year, so that the Russian potential buyers will still be time for that, to determine the final.

chery tiggo 8

Against this background, another key issue is the price, which also is one of the strengths of the Tiggo 8. The base five-seat version in China costs 98,800 yuan - about 970 thousand rubles, and the seven-seater execution slightly more expensive - from 101 800, that is, from one million rubles. In the top-end with six pillows, a full range of electronic security systems, cameras, circular view, and a panoramic roof crossover worth 1.4 million rubles. If the import process and certification Tiggo 8 is not too "gain weight", it will be very interesting offer in the segment. The case for small - to wait a year and observe what else happens during this time.

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